It's Time to Debunk the Myth of the Supermom

It’s Time to Debunk the Myth of the Supermom

For decades now moms have had to juggle the many roles they fill, wife, daughter, sister, working woman and of course mom.  For years we were also told that we could have it all and we needed to be perfect in all of these roles.  Small wonder we are going crazy.  We agonize over every decision we make and constantly second guess ourselves.  We all want healthy happy kids and have the ability to enjoy our lives, but we can’t do that with the myth of the ‘Supermom’ hanging over our heads like some albatross.  It’s time to debunk the myth of the Supermom once and for all.  Here’s how:

  1. Start with Family

Choose what is important to you and your family and make decisions from there.  There is more than one way to raise happy, well-adjusted kids that become valuable members of society so stop worrying how others do it.  Don’t compare your kids to others and your kid will be just fine if they aren’t forced to take violin lessons that they hate anyway.  Encourage them to do the things that they love, it will be easier on all of you.

  1. Stop Sweating the Small Stuff

So the beds aren’t made and you have dishes in the sink…who cares.  Your family will be just fine having sandwiches for dinner, save the gourmet meals for a time you have the energy.  This doesn’t mean you aren’t providing for your family, and stop making yourself feel guilty trying to measure up to impossible standards.  Here’s how.

  1. You Don’t Owe Anyone an Explanation

You don’t need to justify to a PTA mom why your child doesn’t take violin or when they go to bed.  This is your family and you know what works best for them.  That being said, don’t judge how someone else’s family works either.

  1. Do What You’re Good At

If you’re not the mom that volunteers for every school activity because the notion of hanging out with 40 5 year olds makes your head want to explode then don’t feel guilty.  If you’re more comfortable organizing or doing something else then go with that.  Teachers are grateful for any help they get.  Volunteering for something you loathe…don’t do it.

  1. Remember Your Friends

It’s very easy to get caught up in the day to day routine of family and kids, but you’re a person too.  Surround yourself with people who are supportive and who can be a sounding board when you’re frustrated and want to tear your hair out because that is totally going to happen.

The Supermom thing is a myth and stop making yourself crazy trying to live up to impossible standards.  Life doesn’t come with instructions so you’re going to make mistakes, embrace them as the learning experience they are.

Getting Kids Ready for Back to School

Getting Kids Ready for Back to School

Back to school times are trying times indeed, not only for kids but their parents as well. As for the kid, there is so much anxiety to deal with; much of which emanates from the thought of replacing your parents with teachers and your pets with books. However, parents bear the brunt of the back-to-school hassles. So, how do you overcome the anxiety as a parent? In order not to be bogged down by the demands of last-minute rushes, let’s see how you can carefully anticipate this inevitable occasion.

Avoid Impulse Buying

Back-to-school times are no doubt times for shopping but why wait till the eleventh hour? The last-minute rushes will not only make you forget some crucial items your kid may require in school but you may also find yourself spending more than you should as traders try to capitalize on the heightened demand to raise the prices of their wares. Take advantage of the long holidays to shop for your kids’ back-to-school items long before the D-day.

Thoroughly Peruse Your Kids’ Back-to-School Itinerary

Even when you are almost certain your kid may not require a new school uniform, text book or other pieces of stationery, always make it a habit of crosschecking that their current ones are in good state of repair. Remember these are trying times and the thought that should occupy your minds is how to secure the school fees for your kids. If your kid has an old text book, uniform etc, ensure it is repaired beforehand.

Check The Newsletters Once Again

Now, there is no doubt you read the newsletter when your kids closed school but chances are that after so much has passed over the days he has been home, you do not remember anything that was in the letter. These newsletters contain some crucial information such as parent meetings and various fee guidelines for the next term. Losing it, therefore, means you may have to personally spare time so as to go to school and enquire on these issues. If you were lucky enough to have kept it safe, consult it one more time and ensure you have marked those important dates as well as noted all the points highlighted therein.

Prepare Your Kid Psychologically

Last but not least, your kid needs to be prepared psychologically. This is the time to make him keep all the pets and the toys aside and instead focus on his books. While you are not encouraged to entirely eliminate fun times such as cartoon watching on TV, it is imperative you cut back on these activities so his mind is rightfully tuned towards academic matters.